VSR-10 GoPro / Action Camera Barrel Mount

You cannot film decent airsoft sniper videos without the mandatory ‘person facing’ camera.

You need multiple cameras to record different points of view so you can cut between these when editing your videos to keep the viewer interested in what’s happening.

Imagine trying to watch a 10-minute video where the only view was from the zoomed in scope cam. How boring, or annoying would that be after a few minutes. Even just a head mounted camera would get old pretty quick, whilst giving you a sense of ‘being there’ you wouldn’t see the shot being taken or the bb hitting the target as the player does.

I believe there are 3 mandatory camera angles you must record in order to create the perfect montage of clips in an airsoft video. They are:

Whilst there are other angles you can get to further improve your videos, these are the key ones.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the 3rd angle – The gun mounted camera.

When filming airsoft sniper videos your gun mounted camera is typically mounted towards the end of your barrel and then pointed back towards the player. Typically a small action camera like a GoPro, a GoPro replica or the Morpheus action camera is used because they are small and weigh very little.

The question comes on how to effectively mount my GoPro securely to the front of my barrel.

Originally I used a quick release pipe clamp designed for cameras and then used a GoPro trip mount with this. Unfortunately, this wasn’t very secure and knocking the camera would result in rotating and require adjusting so it was pointing at me again.

You could look to purchase a GoPro barrel mount. These, however, position the camera in-line with the barrel and will either block the scope or be pointed back to you directly under the barrel. You could position it off to the side and use a 90* bracket I guess, I still don’t think this would be the best option as the 90* mount would be a weak point in the system.

The solution I’ve ended up creating is SUPER strong and rigid. There’s no chance of any bumping and causing the camera to twist or move in this setup.

The only stipulation is that you need a bull barrel for it to work. A Pro Sniper type barrel which is tapered won’t unfortunately, work for this method (which is why I originally tried the camera bar mount). So if you’re running a GSPEC or a PDI Bull barrel this will work great and is rock solid.

What you’re going to need:

  • A 30mm RIS Torch / Laser Mount (45* angle) – Click here
  • GoPro RIS Mount (as pictured) – Click here
  • 75mm long RIS Rail (I used 140mm and cut it down) – Click here

Putting it together:

1. Slide the 30mm Touch mount over the end of your barrel (if you’re running a GSPEC you’ll need to remove the silencer). The RIS mount needs to be positioned the opposite side you want your camera to be.

2. Fit the RIS rail to the mount.

3. Slide the GoPro RIS mount onto the RIS rail.

4. Mark and cut the RIS rail where the end of the mount is.

5. I glued in the GoPro clip mount to the RIS Mount purely to make it rock solid with no wobble. You can easily remove the GoPro by unscrewing the nut.

6. Tighten all the screws and add any loctite should you wish.

You’ll now have a super sturdy GoPro / Action camera barrel mount.

Whilst it’s close to the barrel, the scope and scope camera are both unobscured by the camera which is perfect as this setup also ensures a stream line mounting which is less likely to get caught on things.

How do you guys mount your action cameras to your barrels?

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    • TheBauer says:

      I’ve not seen one in person I’m afraid I can only go by what it looks like. Looks nice and low profile, but I’m not a fan of “clamps”.


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