Tokyo Marui – VSR – Left Hand Conversion Guide

“I had a dream” – Dale Miles 2006

Well maybe its not my quote but still, I had a dream, and that dream was a left handed sniper rifle. Fed up of being ‘cack’ handed, and failed at training my right eye to focus quickly through the scope, I decided to have a hunt around on the market to see what was out there.

Above is the latest video guide walking you through this conversion. 

Now the first thing that stuck out was the PSS2 left handed bolt for the APS2 series, now I had previously a APS96 and to be frank I wasn’t impressed with the APS rifle, it was to inconsistent for my liking, even after lots of tweaking, plus I knew of a couple of players who owned an APS2 and they too thought that the Tokyo Marui VSR series out performed them. Already having a gspec and loving it, and didn’t really want to get another rifle. Unfortunately Laylax don’t offer the same item for the VSR series itwas bit of a bugger really.

So I went to a metal shop, and spoke to the guy that ran it, I had a 4 month deadline till TA4 and I wanted it sorted before that. The bloke was really cool said it wouldn’t be a problem and looked like an easy job, basically he was going to make from scratch a new rear receiver and bolt handle, the cost didn’t bother me as I had wanted a left handed rifle for so long that i knew it would be worth what ever he charged. Any how to cut a long boring story short, 2 months later he hadn’t even started it. So I took the parts back and went to work myself, modifying what I had, as I had just acquired a 2nd VSR which I was going to use as the base and butcher haha.

Please not that this guide is NOT reversible. I will not take any responsibility if you ruin your rifle following this guide, its not hard, and requires a few tools and a bit of patience.

It might be worth getting a clone rifle, and modifying the parts from that and then using them parts on your main rifle, leaving you the original pieces intact.

Want to know what the final master piece will look like? Well here we go:

First things first your going to need a few tools,

  • Metal Hacksaw (fine) and/or Dremel
  • Files (various sizes)
  • Milliput (standard / yellow-grey)
  • Fine Sculpting tool (for smoothing milliput)
  • Sand paper
  • Allen Keys / Screwdivers (for taking rifle apart)

The parts we will be modifying are:

 Step 1

First of all you will need to modify the bolt handle, this and the stock are the easiest parts to do.

As you can see here, we simply need to cut this nub off (highlighted in red), once you have done so, sand it down to level it out, you can use either a dermal or a fine hacksaw, I used a hacksaw for this part.

Step 2

Next comes the receiver, I actually did this wrong the first time and didn’t cut enough off.

You need to take off as much as shown in the second picture.  This is because when we have flipped the bolt handle around, a few mm normally passes into the receiver, with the bolt handle flipped around it doesn’t allow the cylinder to go as far in, thus the nozzle doesn’t go as far into the hop rubber as it should and you get inconsistent FPS and loss of air. generally a lot lower than they should be. By cutting this extra bit off the receiver this allows the bolt/nozzle to fully enter the receiver/hop and work perfectly.

Step 3

Next up is cutting the stock.

Note that if you are using a PSS10 Bolt Handle you can skip this step as it a different size to that of the pro sniper or gspec as such it protrudes further out and does not clash with the stock.

The easiest way is to mirror the current grove on the stock, then move it forward a couple of mm. (remember we cut that bit more off on the receiver so we need to cut the notch on the stock forward slightly to allow the bolt handle to go down, then you will need to sand it to smooth it out.

Step 4

After cutting the stock (or not if your using PSS10 bolt handle), then its time to fill in the hole, I used some 2part milliput from a model shop, you mix the 2 part clay together then mold it into position, leave it for 4 hours and it becomes rock solid. I then proceeded to sand it down to smooth. Once sanded I then went over with a damp cloth. I let it dry, then got some Krylon out and re-sprayed to match the stock. If you have cut the stock then where you have cut it you can fill it in and mould a slope if you wish to tidy it up.

Conclusion & Further Photos

Well that’s it, your now a proud owner of a left hand Vizzor, be proud and unique on the field, and show those right handers were equally as good as they are.

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10 replies
  1. Garth Williams says:

    Great write up and mod, thank you very much.
    I’m so tempted now to do this, seeing now as i have a much stronger spring in the JG.
    Does it matter that the cylinder is being turned the other way, or that the cylinder is being moved slightly further up?

    Thanks again.

    • TheBauer says:

      Sorry for the delay in the reply, but I see you couldn’t wait, less than 3 days you did the conversion, as you can probably tell it doesnt have a negative impact on the performance, I used mine for several years absolutely fine 🙂 Enjoy.

    • TheBauer says:

      Thanks mate! Appreciate it.

      Site gets quite a bit of traffic even though I don’t game any more and don’t update it.

      I have people like you to thank for that 🙂 So thanks.

  2. Cooper says:

    That is a sick gun! What kind of scope, bipod, and cheek riser do you have on it? I’m building a custom vsr 10 to, and this is just the look I was going for.

  3. TheBauer says:

    Hi, the original domain many years ago was but that expired.
    I had but felt it was too long, so shortened it to as thats more like airsoft 😀


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