Scope Cam Test – 60m Gut Shot

One thing I really wish we had when I first played airsoft was decent action / sports camera at reasonable prices.

The truth is back then, anything small enough to use had an awfully low resolution. I did have an early sports camera that was the size of my hand, which I did manage to mount to the side of my rifle. But the resolution and 15fps was just unusable.

I also had an HD digital camcorder back then which I used in some game filming. But I honestly never thought to fix it to the top of my rifle – it cost too much to worry about breaking it!

Roll on to 2011/2012 and action cameras, especially the GoPro really took off (unfortunately I had stopped playing airsoft then).

This meant capturing high-quality in-game footage was now readily available to the masses.

I honestly really wish we had this technology back when I played. I would have been able to capture some amazing stealth gameplay and shooting. Probably a lot ‘slower’ than the footage you see on YouTube these days, but still they would have been good memories to share.

After getting back into airsoft this year, one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was have the ability to record some in-game footage. I already had a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and a Panasonic HDC-SD5 video camera lying around and I had planned to utilise these.

I bought a GoPro RIS mount, which allows me to mount the GoPro to my M4. This fits nicely at the back and allows me to get some nice gun cam footage. I do need to buy another GoPro to mount on my head so I can cut between views.

So the AEG is pretty much sorted for a gun cam I now needed to sort out a scope cam for the VSR so I could use the Panasonic HDC-SD5 video camera I had.

I  actually thought a good way to mount it to the camera would be with an upside down scope ring. I would use a small RIS rail which is drilled so I can mount the camera to the bottom of this rail and then the rail can fit into the scope ring mount. Then to protect the front of the video camera lens I would use the same honeycomb kill flash I’m using on the scope. I bought a twin lens kit that fit the front of my video camera. I then unscrewed and removed the glass lenses from this (as one was a macro lens and the other was a wide angle lens). After the glass was removed I fixed the honeycomb kill flash to the front of the lens and it was pretty much an exact fit. I was 1mm out. I ended up gluing them together. Now I can simply screw on and off the kill flash to the front of the video camera.

As you can see it sits nicely on top of the scope. Since the above photo was taken I’ve actually changed scope rings and their position to hopefully get better support. One thing I do need to do is make a cover to protect the camera’s flip out screen. This is something I’ll be working on shortly. I’m either going to 3d print something and make it a decent fit, or hammer something out in the workshop as a quick fix.

To get the front camera facing me I used the GoPro with a tripod bar mount. I’m actually looking at changing this to something a bit better and will update this post shortly.

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