My Current Loadout

People are always interested in what gear or setup people run, so I thought it best to outline my current running gear.

I currently have an AEG for my primary and I’m currently building out my new sniper rifle. I used to run a fully LayLaxed VSR back in the day but is seems LayLax parts are like hens teeth to get hold of now, so I will be substituting these parts for different brands. I want to get a pretty similar setup to my old rifle and will be investing in a new M40A3 stock at some point too.

My AEG Loadout

  • TM CQB-R Recoil Shock
  • Eagle6 M110 Spring
  • Eagle6 Upgraded Recoil Spring
  • ZCI 6.02 363mm Inner Barrel
  • Impulse101 Battery Mod
  • LayLax Sling Mount
  • ICS QD Silencer
  • EOTech 553 replica
  • 365fps with .2g BBs

My New Sniper Rifle Build

  • JG BAR-10 Pro-Sniper Base
  • EdGi Left Hand Bolt Kit (trialing)
  • Action Army Zero Trigger (and piston)
  • Action Army Hop Unit
  • Action Army Spring Guide
  • LayLax PSS10 150SP Spring (cut to <500fps)
  • LayLax PSS10 130SP Spring (445fps)
  • 5x TM VSR Mags
  • Deepfire 6.02mm 430mm Inner Barrel
  • MapleLeaf Monster Bucking
  • MapleLeaf Concave Nub
  • PDI Bull Barrel Base
  • PDI Pro Sniper Length Bull Barrel
  • PDI Barrel Spacers
  • PDI Barrel End Caps (both flat and silencer adaptor)
  • ModelWorks M40A3 Stock (unsure if I want to get this)
  • Leupold M3 Scope + Sunshade + Flip-up Caps & Kill Flash
  • Running Geoff 0.36bb (white)

Items crossed out are still to be bought.

Pistol #1

  • TM M&P9 V-Custom GBB
  • 3 Magazines

My Old Primary Rifle Build

  • TM VSR G-Spec Base
  • LayLax PSS10 Teflon Cylinder
  • LayLax PSS10 Zero Trigger & Piston
  • LayLax PSS10 Spring Guide
  • LayLax PSS10 SP150 Spring
  • LayLax PSS10 Cylinder Head
  • LayLax PSS10 Bolt Handle
  • LayLax PSS10 Barrel Spacers
  • 4x TM VSR Mags
  • FireFly Hop Rubber (hard)
  • PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel (303mm long)
  • Fortress M40A3 Stock
  • Leupold M3 Scope + Sunshade + Butler Creek Flip-up Caps & Kill Flash
  • 497-502fps with .2g BBs

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