Action Army Zero Trigger Installation + Problem!

So, I’m currently in the processes of building my new VSR airsoft sniper rifle and one of the parts I will never go without is a zero trigger.

I loved my LayLax zero triggers I had previously. I actually owned 2 on 2 different rifle setups, but they’re a little harder to get these days. Plus a company called Action Army has essentially made a clone of them for a cheaper price. So I went and got one.

Initial impressions are that it’s pretty much a complete copy, with exception to the piston. The head of the piston is slightly different, and we don’t have the optional air brake that you get with the LayLax version.

I’m also installing this unit into a JG Bar-10 (VSR Clone) to keep costs down, as by the time I’ve finished there won’t be much of the original rifle left.

Below is a video running through the install. If you prefer there is a picture guide beneath that.

(This guide is essentially an updated guide from my older LayLax zero trigger install guide).

I also have a gallery guide you can follow below:

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